The connection between you and the server is encrypted on the fly using our SSL tunnel, ensuring the best protection of your privacy.


Alongside our SSL seal, we will keep your information completely private. Only you have access to your account and files. We will never spy on you.


Rest assured that disconnects will not cancel your uploads. You can pause and resume your uploads whenever you want without a problem.

Drag & Drop

With our Drag & Drop uploader, you can easily send your files by dragging them into the browser window. Supports multiple files.

Password Protect

Password protect your shared files from the server-side for enhanced private file sharing.


All accounts are bundled with TRUE unlimited bandwidth/traffic usage for downloads. No more hassle and no more limits!


Our file manager is completely compatible with mobile browsers, allowing you to upload and access your files from anywhere!


Our servers are hosted in one of the safest datacenters in the world. Downtimes are not going to be an issue.


We have tailored our plans and pricings with both affordability & quality in mind to give you the best of both worlds.